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The Best Soap Packaging on Etsy

The Best Soap Packaging on Etsy

You can truly find anything on Etsy. From candy packaging to soap packaging on Etsy, you can find it all. Soap packaging is subtle, yet can make a big difference when it comes to decorating your home, office, or when you are giving a gift. Whether you are looking to buy soap packaging on Etsy or if you are searching for some simple yet creative DIY soap packaging projects, we’ve got you covered. Let’s check out some of the best examples of soap packaging on Etsy!

CTDS Craft Supply

An independent seller on Etsy, CTDS Craft Supply offers custom labels for a variety of DIY projects. It offers some examples of soap packaging on Etsy that feature vintage French-themed labels for soaps. You can get your logo printed at the top and customize the color and font of the label. Other awesome features are that the label is waterproof, oil-proof, and suitable for outdoor usage (although we are unsure why you would leave packaged soaps outside). The labels will run you $6 a sticker, but are a worthy investment for the effort you put into those handmade soaps.

Nostalgie Grafikland

Another independent graphic designer, Nostalgie Grafikland offers a variety of ocean-themed soap packaging on Etsy. The unique thing about Nostalgie Grafikland is that you actually pay for an instant JPG or PDF download, and once you download it, you can save the graphics for as long as you need. This is perfect if you make a variety of soaps year-round, if you mess up the first time you label a soap, or if you plan on making large batches of soap.

Halo De Lune

Halo de Lune, which translates to “halo of the moon,” creates amazing options for soap packaging on Etsy. Their delicate and elegant boxes have unique designs on them that you will not find anywhere else. The boxes are perfect for multiple smaller soaps or a few big ones. Friends will undoubtedly appreciate the intricacy of the designs and will love even more the soaps within. You can use ribbon, stickers, and whatever else floats your boat to personalize these boxes as gifts!

KJ Decoration

KJ Decoration creates beautiful, hand-cut soap packaging on Etsy. The boxes made by KJ Decoration are perfect for packaging soap in an unorthodox yet beautiful way. You can choose from simple cardboard cut-out boxes to more intricate, colorful options. The top of the box, when folded, even offers slits for a ribbon of your choice to seal the deal.

What amazing soap packaging on Etsy have you come across? Do you make awesome soap packaging that you would like to see featured on our social media accounts? Give us a shout in the comments!


Kristin Goett
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