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Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

Best of Etsy: Decor for the Creative’s Office

An office space should not stifle creativity, but encourage it. Office decor can say a lot about a person, whether that they are detail-oriented or free spirited, reserved or daring, classic or unique. So finding office decor for people that work in creative can be a chore. Creatives can have distinct style so typical office decor can be stiff. However, handcrafted items on Etsy, an online marketplace, can be the ideal destination. Review this sampling of office artwork, office decor and office furniture —from artists to artists. Share any of your other favorite Etsy shops in the comments section.

To appreciate the creative work, please click the photos to enlarge. Browse through photos using the arrows. Find an Etsy shop name in the photo’s caption. 


Office Artwork

Check out some of the best talents on Etsy for abstract, watercolor and print artwork.

 Office Decor

Add more personality to your office with a healthy plant and creative planter, handcrafted agenda book, or a vintage treasure.


 Office Furniture and Accessories

Support design shops that produce quality and unique furniture and pieces for organization and aesthetic.

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