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The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

The Best of Absolut Vodka Packaging

We can all use a drink now and then, but when you consider your next liquor of choice, think about all that it entails: the flavor, the brand, and the packaging. Because as we all know, cool-looking liquor immediately gives us way more street cred than liquor in plastic bottles. Right? Right. Check out these amazing examples of Absolut vodka packaging that will put your liquor cabinet to shame.


Absolut vodka packaging took things up a notch with these colorful bottles. The bottles serve as ode to the psychedelic era, which is pretty apparent from the trippy blue eyes and robot cow. These limited edition bottles are a total steal if you are lucky enough to have one of them in your liquor bottle collection.


A few years ago, Absolut vodka packaging embraced the modern era and revamped its old bottles to better reflect up-to-date packaging themes. Each bottle features an abstract illustration of the flavor the bottle holds. Our personal favorites are the bold mango and raspberry Absolut vodka packaging examples. Flavor wise, we highly recommend Berri Acai and Wild Tea.

Ode to the States

Absolut vodka packaging paid homage to the 50 states a few years back, creating bottles that represented each state. Louisiana had a harmonica for Southern vibes, Boston had a ship in a harbor, and California featured the streets of San Francisco. Other locations include Mexico and Canada, but those bottles are even harder to find

Masquerade Collection

These bottles are the Lady Gaga of the Absolut vodka packaging world. The bottles are coated in glamorous sequins and glitter. As you can imagine, a very limited number of these bottles were released, and cannot currently be found in stores. The theme of the collection is,“In an Absolut world, every night is a masquerade.” Good luck finding one of these to add to your repertoire of liquor!

Limited Edition Gold

Because Absolut vodka packaging is the gold standard for all other vodka brands, Absolut figured it was only right that they release a limited edition gold-plated bottle. The expensive limited edition will stand out among all other liquor choices as the cream of the crop.

Absolut Madness

This bottle is one of the best Absolut vodka packaging designs simply because there are no other designs like it. Coated in matte black with red lips, this bottle is reminiscent of a comic book-esque theme. Plus, with a name like “Madness,” how could you not want to get your hands on one?

What are some of the best examples of Absolut vodka packaging you have come across?

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