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Bee-autiful Honey Packaging

Bee-autiful Honey Packaging

The nectar of mother earth, the amber drizzle you add to just about anything, the oozy goodness that soothes your mind and body on a tough day: honey. Honey is one of nature’s most impressive feats. To think that this amazing food is created solely by bees is a wonder in and of itself. These designs aim to honor the beauty that is this amber condiment with some pretty amazing honey packaging creations.

Bee Sweet, Honey

A more creative honey packaging design could not exist. Bee Sweet, Honey a design idea for honey packaging, seeks to encapsulate the anatomy of a bee using a honey jar. The black top and bottom are even designed to reflect an anatomically correct bee – a wider head with a thinner back. Likewise, the natural amber color of the honey creates a fantastic yellow-on-black honey packaging design that truly brings together this ode to nature’s finest nectar.

Shifa Honey

This is an experimental honey packaging concept that takes its inspiration straight from the honeycomb itself. Using the aesthetically pleasing hexagonal shape of a honeycomb, Shifa Honey has modeled its honey packaging to reflect the vibes of the hive. Shifa Honey also nods to nature by using a very clean approach to its honey packaging, using clean wood for its hexagonal top and a clear glass bottle to hold the honey. A simple logo also plays into the simplistically pleasing theme.

L’Aame di Romano

With a name almost as seductive as the sweetness of the nectar it advertises, L’Ame honey packaging is the ultimate luxury honey packaging. Nodding to the outdoor, free, youthful life that honey promises you, L’Ame uses a palatte of gold, purple, white, and rose to draw you in. The jar itself is covered in the honeycomb pattern, which only further plays into its theme of being in a garden, amongst the hardworking bees themselves. The jars are so appealing, gentle, and playful that you may just find yourself adding honey to all of your food choices in the near future.

Bzzz Premium

Yet another experimental honey packaging concept, Bzzz Premium looks to some natural inspiration when creating its honey packaging. Straight from the hive comes this idea, a multi-layered bee’s nest, completely and beautifully crafted from sanded wood and a roped handle for those occasions when transporting your honey is an absolute necessity (because when is it not?). Within this hive you will find a glass jar of the finest and most natural honey the bees have to offer, but the true winner here is the honey packaging. Hang it from a tree and you may even confuse the bees themselves.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.