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Beautiful Skin Care Packaging

Beautiful Skin Care Packaging

Half the fun of a skin care regimen is the creatively packaged products that contain all those cleansers and exfoliators for our skin. Whether you are into masks, scrubs, facials, or something in between, skin care packaging is always a fun, sleek, and creative addition to your collection of other make-up goods. From sexy and sleek to fun and colorful, these skin care packaging ideas are perfect for any style.


Origins skin care products are organic and all-natural, meaning they work wonders of all types of skin. From their charcoal face masks to gentle cleansers, Origins skin care has it all – and so does their skin care packaging. The two trees of life sketched out on the Origins skin care packaging represent the company’s commitment to all-natural and organic ingredients in their products as well as their commitment to maintaining a safe, clean earth.


How could we write a list about clever skin care packaging without including LUSH Cosmetics? That’s right, we simply could not. LUSH Cosmetics is also devoted to ensuring that all make-up, skin care, and packaging ingredients and materials are organic and all-natural. LUSH is committed to keeping the earth clean and safe, while keeping its customers feeling beautiful and happy. LUSH’s skin care packaging emulates their message. Clean lines and black and white lettering create a bold effect that draws you in, but reminds you of the simple and organic message due to the lack of extraneous dyes or packaging elements.


Sephora recently upped its skin care packaging game by entering into the ring some of its in-house face masks. With everything from algae face masks to avocado face masks, all of your skin care needs will be taken care of thanks to Sephora’s face masks. However, the real star of the show here is the skin care packaging. The bright colors of the face masks’ packaging reflect the type of mask contained within. The algae mask rocks a teal blue to remind you of the sea while the rose face mask draws you in with a beautiful magenta to make you feel as if you are getting a facial in a rose garden.


Bliss skin and body care products are among the best in the business. Whether you are looking for a face scrub or a foot cream, Bliss likely has you covered. Along with offering up some of the most fantastic skin care products in the game, Bliss’ skin care packaging also indulges consumers in a colorful sense of calm. Whether you are using body butter or a facial exfoliator, the simple background permeated by a bright color scheme of yellows, whites, and blues is just what the doctor ordered.

We are always on the lookout for unique brands. What are your favorite examples of amazing skin care packaging? Let us know in the comments!