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Beautiful Male Fragrance Packaging

Beautiful Male Fragrance Packaging

By Elizabeth Sanchez.

Wowzers are these perfumes gorgeous or what. Speechless. The line is called “Scent Stories” and they are brought to you be Ah & Oh Studio. The studio says of the package design…

Perfume packaging design and the concept of  the perfume were always our dream project. So we took men’s fragrance as our challenge.

At the begining we were concentrating on the idea of the scent itself. We found inspiration in the great, dark literature and distinctive, strong characters. We tried to describe the dark sides of men’s nature with line of scents named after famous writers.

We packed the scents into bottles which resemble both old glass perfume bottles and the classic shape of the inkwell. We made them white, added black strong lettering and heads of characters which loosely recall autor’s famous masterpieces.

Fragrance-Packaging Orwell-Fragrance-Packaging Poe-Fragrance-Packaging Mens-Fragrance-Packaging Animal-Farm-Fragrance-Theme

Elizabeth Sanchez
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