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Beautiful Makeup Packaging to Inspire

Beautiful Makeup Packaging to Inspire

Sometimes the packaging on makeup is so pretty we don’t want to open it at all! Some brands are taking a super creative, innovative edge to packaging their products.

Here are our favorites to inspire you:

1. Guerlain Météorites Perles


These blush pearls are so sweet and pretty we practically want to eat them! They come packaged in a shiny tin with flowers delicately engraved on the face and tiny ribbing along the outside.

2. Clarins

Clarins deserves this throwback all the way to 2012. Their holiday Odyssey collection features compacts with intricate spirals on the face AND a matching frieze intricately rendered on the blush itself.

3. Uka Nail Oil

We can practically smell the flowers that dot manicurist Kiho Watanabe’s nail oils. The package is simplistic and organic, which gives it a fresh, stand-out flair.

4. Top Shop Make Up Collection

We are all too familiar with the sea of nude or shiny black packaging in Sephora or any make-up aisle, which is why Top Shop’s make-up collection is so refreshing. With an inverted color scheme from the norm and fun, graphic blackboard-like drawings, these packages make us want to them all!

5. Paul & Joe Lipstick

These lipsticks are the perfect packaging combo between sweet and sassy! The elephants on the base deliver major “awwww” factor while the metallic casing features a sexy lace design. Paul & Joe consistently deliver packaging that combines unexpected elements for a unique pop!

6. Besame Lipstick Sample

The retro vibes in the lipstick package are adorable! For women on the quest for the perfect red lip, Besame smartly provides a sample package of their lipstick shades, but with a twist: they come as a matchbook. It makes using the product a ton of fun, which translates into a memorable product for users.

7. Dior Lipstick

Here, Dior delivers the packaging incarnation of pure luxury. The reflective surface and dramatic shape are immediately enchanting and evoke a very queenly aesthetic, which certainly compliments Dior’s high fashion brand.

8. Sulwhasoo’s Shine Classic Powder Compacts

Sulwhasoo is inspired by traditional Korean symbols of beauty which makes these almost compass-like compacts feel like treasured heirlooms. The symmetry, intricate lattice work, and beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay all signal craftsmanship, timelessness, and tradition.

Let us know in the comments which package is your favorite — or add to the list!