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Bakery Packaging Ideas

Bakery Packaging Ideas

With so many blogs on the net dedicated to creative packaging ideas, and many more on the rise…it is hard to come up short when thinking up some concepts for your bakery packaging needs. There are many companies dedicated to professionalized branding and schemes for brand representation, but who is to say you can not go the Martha Stewart route, and design them yourself.

Here we pay tribute to the DIY-ers, the thinkers and do-ers who’ve highlighted beautiful ideas for bakery goodies. Many using supplies found at such store craft giants as Michaels, Creative Bag, or even Amazon.

Some of our favorite designs feature minimal, simple to use packaging, with little labor required. Like this truly inventive cookie bag. All that is required is printed stock paper, ribbon, and clear bags for this packaging idea found at Middle Passages.

Glassine bags or boxes are extremely versatile, and can lend themselves to limitless branding possibilities, like the sample below from Etsy.

A clear glass jar/bottle, Avery labels and printable gift tag plus ribbon. This adorable juice packaging idea that instantly made us thirsty was found at Matt Bites Blog.

When all else fails, custom made stamps are a quick and painless way to brand your product, as seen at the Wit & Whistle Blog.