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Michael Starks - 2/2 - Packaging Insider's Posts

Minimalism in Packaging - Forager Teas

Minimalism in Packaging – Forager Teas

Simplistic. Minimalistic. Straight back to our roots as hunter gatherers, with a modern zap. That was the goal for Forager Teas. This beautifully packaged selection of teas (from Black, Oolong, and Pu-erm) in glass jars, a modern label and sophisticated black lid certainly caught our attention amongst the plethora of teas for this “hunter” when out to “gather” for a crisp N... »

Candy Packaging

Kisses & Hearts Candy Packaging

These adorable “kisses” come to you individually wrapped, with the intent on sharing your kisses as many as deem worthy, or with the option to gift they whole box to your lucky Valentine. Though only a concept from Veracruz Llave, Mexico for Chocolate Kisses Giant Hershey’s, we wish it a reality Ms. Caro Cosgalla, for it’s adorableness is unparalleled! But what isn’t ... »

Beachy Themed Ice-Cream Sandwich Packaging Design

Beachy Themed Ice-Cream Sandwich Packaging Design

Cold months ahead, and we at the office are dreaming about the beach. So, once discovering Nicole LaFave had used as inspiration for her designs for Beachy Cream ice-scream, with some much beloved design elements from the beach + everything that embodies some fun in the sun, we couldn’t resist! Among her design inspiration was the now infamous teeny weeny polka dot bikini, beach balls, and g... »

ice-cream packaging

Structural Ice-Cream Packaging

We’d like to salute design students Namita Baindoor & Pulak Bhatnagar for their design collaboration of hypothetical brand “Chaa” (meaning, to lick in Hindi). Their concepts description below: Branding: The entire range of ice creams would have experimental flavours with an Indian touch (eg. jalebi, paan etc…) Structural packaging: The form of a triangle was given becau... »

Nerds Candy Packaging

Nerds Candy Packaging

Who wasn’t a fan or Wonka Nerds back in their day? These little rocks were the funnest and most colorful candy you could ask for. Sadly, they are not as widely available as they used to be. New York based designer Stephanie Toole gets right to the point. After noticing this classic candy become increasingly harder to find, I created a novelty packaging system that allows Nerds to both playfu... »

Fireworks Packaging

Fireworks Packaging

Drop ’em, and RUN like Forrest Gump!  That’s my first instinct with fireworks in my hand. Not unless we’re talking about the Katy Perry Fireworks, because then it’s just that awesome song that motivates and inspired us to blow up with our dashing individualism. Can I get a high-five? Coyote Fireworks however, have been designed as a brand of fireworks I do not actually want... »

candles and crayons

Candles & Crayons

Some, pleasurably scented. All, casting a warm complimentary glow, a beacon of light. Candles can represent much, ignite many feelings, and offer a friendly luminescence in unfavorable darkness. Most come in unique and beautiful packaging, shapes, and colors, and sizes for whatever their need. Here is one of our (most recently discovered) favorite candles, and err – crayons. Cleverly disguis... »

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