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Emily Van Torre - 3/3 - Packaging Insider's Posts

cheese packaging

Out With The Conventional

We love it when packaging trends are set out to disrupt the conventional thinking of “normal” packaging. Like that of Matt Purcell,the New Zealand graphic designer with out-of-the-ordinary locks – they are purple. (Ps. We love it!) His intent: Gourmet Cheese packaging & branding design created from randomised brief factors and restrictions intending to disrupt packaging conve... »

graphic designer

Inside The Mind of – Olesya Kurulyuk, Graphic Designer

We’ve always wondered about the mental process for a graphic designer. This posts from Olesya Kurulyuk, a graphic designer from Olso, Norway shows us how she developed this self promotion “kit” if you will, meant to encompass her identity – quite arguably a very challenging task! Alas, she explains her process: As a designer I tend to start with an idea and create my design... »

coffee cup packaging

Tiny Space, Great for Coffee-Stop: Design, Inspiration & Coffee Packaging

This coffee shop doesn’t “sweat the small-stuff”. In fact, they’ve become an inspiration. Along with their innovation of space, location, and design, the coffee shop’s simple black on white packaging does not fail to disappoint.  Add to that the “Smallest Cafe place in North America” tittle to their banner and they surely are poised for success. Not that t... »

Sowciety Vegetable Seeds Packaging

Sowciety Vegetable Seeds Packaging

Vegetable Seeds Sowciety Vegetable Seeds packaging consists of 3 round containers made of 100% biodegradable pulp paper. Each package holds vegetable seeds for planting. In a project aimed at advocating community farming, Milwaukee based designer Lindsay Rupprecht has created a simple method for an environmentally friendly, and sustainable lifestyle. Each ball contains a perforated line which will... »

drink markers

{Holiday Essentials} Drink Markers

Say NO to drinking somebody eles’ witches brew; or to the drink thief who just walked off with your much needed liquid courage. Here are some Holiday Essential Drink Markers we thought you might like to spruce up your fun, and your cup/glass/pitcher – whatever you fancy yourself drinking out of. We will never judge. Each reusable marker is made of soft silicone and sticks to your drink... »

sushi packaging

Sushi Love {Packaging}

What’s not to love about sushi – we dare ask you, our precious readers. It is the Japanese #FTW food that holds this humble writer’s affection. Introduce it in some out of this world, shockingly gorgeous – yet functional packaging, and we are most certainly going to go ga-ga. I mean, just look at this: Packaging design by Gerlinde Gruber  was inspired by none other than fis... »

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