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Amusing Burger Joint Branding and Packaging

Amusing Burger Joint Branding and Packaging

I have a love/hate relationship with design that uses illustration. On one hand I LOVE the way it looks, the character it can bring to designs, and the endless fun possibilities it provides. On the other hand I HATE it because it reminds me that I cannot illustrate(well at least like some designers can.)

Nonetheless, for your sake I have decided to be the bigger person and show you this really sweet branding/packaging design for Illegal Burger by Isabela Rodrigues

She writes of this project:

Illegal Burger is a burger joint located in Oklahoma.
We created a visual identity full of icons and aesthetic of the world of crime with an amused tone.
To this end, we created a texture and fill the elements of visual identity with these creations.

The illustrations go wonderfully with the name of the burger joint. The characters such as the robber and the police man, are adorably hilarious and filled with personality. The condiment packaging, as well as the to-go packaging, manages to have the retro feel of a 50’s diner and be innovative and modern at the same time. Well done! Check out more images below.