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America’s Favorite Coffee Spot gets a Package Redesign


By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

americas-favorite-coffee-spot-gets-a-package-redesign (old)

About a month ago Starbucks revealed its new coffee bean packaging. The packaging is a tad different than Starbucks usual aesthetic in that it appears more vintage or old-fashion. An article on DesignTaxi lists the possible motives behind the redesign:

To better represent the origins and heritage of its coffee blends, Starbucks has recently unveiled some attractively designed new packaging.

The revamped designs not only make it easier for customers to distinguish between the different kinds of coffee beans, but also serve to shed light on the tales of how each one came to be.

Featuring artistic renditions of images that are associated with each blend, these designs took about a year to create and involved “cupping through all of the coffees, two each day for nine days”.

According to Steve Murray of Starbucks Global Creative Studios, hundreds of sketches were made and the result is “beautiful, original art reflecting the rich heritage and history of every coffee [Starbucks] makes”.

Read more about these new packaging over here.

Starbucks expands on their new design on their webpage:

Roast Spectrum
Roast Spectrum

We took special care to make every package unique while maintaining consistency. We made it simpler to identify our Blonde, Medium and Dark roasts, then we plotted exactly where each coffee lives on our roast spectrum.

Taste Notes
Taste Notes

With story, roast and tasting notes prominently displayed, we’re enabling you to easily identify the characteristics of your favorites. To learn more about the tastes you love and discover others you may like even more.

Behind the Blend
Behind the Blend

Why does “Ver. 80” appear on the new package of Veranda Blend? This is a reflection of the dedication of our master roasters: 80 versions were created on the road to perfecting this mellow and flavorful blend.

The Third Sip
The Third Sip

On the side of our new Sumatra package you’ll see: “By the third sip, I was hooked.” This quote captures a certain someone’s reaction to this earthy and herbal brew after the first tasting.

Reviews of the new packaging range from “it being boring and nothing special” to “I like the old-fashioned look, it adds more value and substance to the brand.” The people at Starbucks Melody love the new design stating, “The new packaging is a step in the right direction!  From just this “sneak peek” image, I like it!  About two years ago, Starbucks moved in the direction of the current packaging, which I always felt was too dull.”  A commentator on the other hand writes “Hmm their designers usually produce things that are usually a little visually stunning….. did an intern do this?” What do you think?

americas-favorite-coffee-spot-gets-a-package-redesign americas-favorite-coffee-spot-gets-a-package-redesign americas-favorite-coffee-spot-gets-a-package-redesign

Elizabeth Sanchez
Blogger about Packaging Design Trends. An advocate of new, fun packaging designs and prototypes. Supporting creative packaging designs worldwide.
  • Anne Diaz

    I love the new packaging as it will be extremely distinct as to which blend at a glance.

  • Harley Foster

    These bags are so beautiful! They each tell their own story. I like it.

  • Nyla Turner

    I’m liking what I’m seeing! I like the use of color to help customers decide on roast preference. I think it’s a strong design.