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Amazing Wine Label Designs

Amazing Wine Label Designs

 People drink and give bottles of wine in celebration. So, with bottles showcased on the table or exchanged as a gift, shoppers will consider packaging in their selection process. Through color, label and design choices, see how wines can differ in their mission for a beautiful bottle.

Lunetta emphasizes their logo a tiny label. The brand’s name balances between the moon’s edges to show off the fullness of the bottle shape.


In contrast, Baja Rose uses the entire bottle as a canvas so the color stands out among green and brown glass.

baja rose

Anew prefers a simpler look, with the flower petals replacing the standard, rectangular label.

anew wine

Silver Oak uses dark ink with a metallic background. The silver color manages a tasteful, rather than tacky, look.

silver oak wine

For Valentine’s Day, 13,500 cases of Korbel introduced a chic, whimsical design with hot pink lip prints and a wisp of black lace at the black foil.

Korbel Brut Rose Bottle

Kungfu Girl’s dynamic character stretches across the label, which is accented with bamboo typography.

  kunfu girl

Another woman decorates a bottle in Pacific Rim’s design. However, she competes for attention with a dragon overhead.


Somewhat creepy, definitely eye catching. Orin Swift’s Mannequin’s groundbreaking design is like no other.


Cavicchioli 1928 sketches beautiful, textured flowers that complement the smooth green bottle.


Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.