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Amazing Proactiv Student Rebrand


Student Kate Carmack redesigned the 3-step Proactiv acne treatment packaging. Redesigning the packaging of a well-known and recognized brand can be tricky. Don’t believe me… let me convince you with this summary of that whole Tropicana mess. Big brands with very recognizable packages and branding need to approach a redesign cautiously. One major problem with the Tropicana redesign was that customers could no longer spot their beloved carton among the packages on the grocery store shelves. Evian water, like we mentioned in our second to last article, nicely approached their rebrand by leaving the main aspects the same while tweaking a few details.

Carmack’s redesign is not so subtle, and thus may not be realistic or effective in the big business world. Nonetheless, the design is real quality. It demonstrates 2 major aspects of “good design,” the first being a-symmetry. Timothy Samara in his book, The 20 Rules for Good Design, states “symmetry is the ultimate evil.” In a quick explanation, symmetry is boring while a-symmetry creates movement, personality, conflict, etc. Samara also says, “negative space is magical- create it, don’t just fill it up.” That is exactly what Carmack does here with the 1, 2, 3, numbers. She creates interesting negative space by cleverly using the corresponding step number. We like! 

One last thing… the shape of the bottles obviously work very well together and would look nice displayed. Carmack briefly describes her project:

A gender-neutral packaging redesign for Proactiv Solution, an acne treatment system. The new bottles were designed to appeal to teenagers—Proactiv’s target market—by utilizing the more sophisticated look of a beauty product in place of its current “medical” appearance. The minimalist design highlights Proactiv’s very simple 3-step process, and the geometric, interlocking numbers suggest that each step is akin to a puzzle piece; integral to the completion and efficacy of the system.

amazing-Proactiv-student-rebrand amazing-Proactiv-student-rebrand amazing-Proactiv-student-rebrand

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