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Amarantole: Simple Packaging for a Simply Wonderful Product

Amarantole: Simple Packaging for a Simply Wonderful Product

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Amarantole is health and well-being. Thanks to its nutritional properties it helps our body to work appropriately and to get the most of the nutrients given by the rest of our diet’s food. A frequent consume helps to develop defenses and a correct intestinal functioning.

The packaging for Amarantole varies from flavor to flavor! The colors are warm and fitting for each carton.

Amarantole Flavors

Amarantole is inovation and practicity. Because its high quality formulation is designed as an alternative to the traditional way of eating, because there’s no need for milk or sugar, and it’s ready to be disolved and consumed without heating or cooking. You can try it hot as a delicious “Atole” or cold as a refreshing shake; having also 100% natural ingredients.

 is economy and love for Mexico. Because it is made in this wonderful country and thereafter longs to support its families’ health and economy, offering a high quality product at a better price because it only needs water, and that is also made of the best cereal from our country: Amaranth.

Amarantole Presentations






By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.


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