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Alcohol Packaging: Brews go to the Beach

Alcohol Packaging: Brews go to the Beach

Before a summer comes and goes, cool off with a limited edition summer beer. The dedicated professionals at reviewed more than 100 craft brews, but what can we learn from the packaging? Well, that beer goes with everything. Whether simple, busy, vibrant or muted- cheers to seasonal redesign.


Uinta Brewing Co. chose a simple design for the Sum’r Organic Ale. True to the organic packaging pattern, the clean design represents the pureness of the products.


Peaches pack some punch in taste and design in RJ Rockers Brewing Co. seasonal drink. The company is not afraid of bizarre packaging, hopefully consumers aren’t either.


Good Juju brings in a warp of color and design entrancing consumers with its decorative label. Left Hand Brewing‘s spiced, ginger ale tackles the summer market without cliche design.


It’s hard to disagree that the 21st Amendment “celebrates the right to be original” in product and packaging. Not only does Hell or High Watermelon have a creative name and eye-catching design, it was also ranked the number one beer on the website review.


Orange contrasted with blue and a groovy sun makes the Bell’s Brewery, Inc. scream summer. The carefree spirit of the design helps people relax before the bottle even hits their lips.


Gray scale isn’t an automatic disqualification when it comes to summer packaging. By balancing with the warm colors, the good vibes seem guaranteed with this Baxter Brewing Co. beer.

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.