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Absolut Bottle Redesigns: Past and Present

Absolut Bottle Redesigns: Past and Present

Absolut’s latest packaging redesign has artists and Absolut fans raising a glass. In efforts to stay away from tradition flavored vodka packaging (with still life of the flavor’s origins), Absolut opted for abstract art and colors to stand out on the liquor store shelf. However, this isn’t the company’s first packaging hit. Review the latest line, and some of our old favorites, below.

Perhaps the most distinguished redesign aspect is the influence of paint. The UK creative agency Brand Union stated, “We reached into the symbolism and myths tied to the ingredients to find each flavour’s core essence – and then we amplified that essence through art. Our interpretations of the flavors were designed without the use of computers, but with the use of traditional design and craftsmanship tools – pens, paper, crayons, paint and brushes.”

inspiration paint

progress ruby red

Here are a few of the most visually striking bottles from the new Absolut collection.

absolut-vanilia-big beauty-shot-absolut-mango

beauty-shot-absolut-pears beauty-shot-absolut-raspberri

The redesign reminds us of a past Absolut efforts- in which a drop of blue infused in the glass making process created 4 million one of a kind, limited edition Absolut Originality bottles. The label-free version is preferable, which gives the bottle a cohesive, but free style. Both of these styles nod to traditional art techniques rather than modern inventions.



Previous redesign initiatives also dodged fruit-flavored stereotypes. In the past, key shapes and color tones acted as the background for a heavy text display. However, this style worked better for some bottles than others. The warm tones especially gave the bottle a lethargic association and even look a bit humid.

old flavored design

Absolut also explores its bottle creativity with city-editions. The Chicago, on sale now, includes city landmarks. In these city limited edition bottles and flavors, Absolt partners with local agencies to master the area’s personality and charm. Recent bottles, also including Texas, have matured in comparison to older bottles.




Overtime, Absolut, design partners and packaging trends have preferred traditional, mature designs. What are your favorite Absolut bottles?

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