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1990’s Inspired Japanese Nintendo Packaging

1990’s Inspired Japanese Nintendo Packaging

Remember the  90s? Bold patterns, bright colors. Admittedly design has made several leaps and bounds since those times, however, Nintendo is bringing it back for the release of its new DS.

The packaging for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS in Japan is using bold clashing colors for the  packaging of their newest product.

IMG_20140904_082636 new-3ds-white


Nintendo has taken a slightly more conservative approach for the packaging of the 3DS XL focusing more on the function of the product itself.


The new 3DS will be made available in Japan on October 11, however will most likely not make it into the US until 2015. Hopefully this lovely box art also makes its way into the US.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s packaging choice?

Can y’all dig it?