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best cosmetic packaging design

Best Cosmetic Packaging Designs

A girl loves her cosmetics, but she especially loves it more when it’s beautifully packaged! The appearance of it truly makes a difference. It draws you into the product and distinguishes it from others that could very well serve the same purpose. Rather than being hidden away in a bathroom cabinet or stuffed in a drawer, these pretty products should be showcased on your dressing table. We&#... »


9 Genius Whiskey Packaging Designs You Will Certainly Love

9 Genius Whiskey Packaging Designs You Will Certainly Love

9 Genius Whiskey Packaging Designs, get some inspiration without drinking for once, have a look at this collection. Great whiskey packaging design is not the first thing you notice when buying a bottle of whiskey. Instead you’re bound to get storytelling about history, bottling, ingredients so you’re getting sick of it. And when it comes to the packaging everything looks more or less the same, gol... »


wedding favor packaging carriage gift box

Wedding Favor Packaging Ideas

Wedding favors are a small token you can give as a couple to appreciate your wedding guests for sharing in your special day. According to tradition, guests would receive a small box or bag containing five sugared almonds signifying Wealth, Health, Happiness, Fertility, and Long Life. But, these days, wedding favors can be anything specifically to reflect your taste, budget, and personality. The pr... »


luxury packaging

Luxury Packaging Ideas: Purses, Perfumes and More

When it comes to luxury packaging, you want your items to look their best, of course. Think about it: if you stuck them in a brown paper bag, the items no longer feel as special!  We want to help you package your items so that they dazzle everyone who sees it! Your perfumes, watches, and purses are incomplete if they aren’t packaged and packaged well! Think glamorous and think bold when deci... »


Exam Survival Kit OCM- the final exam survival kit package

Final Care Package Ideas

As the summer approaches so do the finals. Students are happy about the long summer vacations and on the other hand, the sword of the exam is hanging over their necks. This is the time that will finalize their future. They will find it hard to look past the room; eating and sleeping will be kids’ most important obligations because that will provide them the energy to work hard. In order to b... »


Excessive Packaging Examples

Excessive Packaging Examples

There is no doubt about it: companies are slowly but surely making the move to more minimalist yet more efficient packaging design. With outlets on social media making it easy to call out companies for distasteful overuse of natural resources, organizations are now working hard to be eco-friendly and effective with their packaging. Here, we take a look at the some of the companies who have yet to ... »


Easter Egg Packaging Creative Color Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Packaging

Easter is fast approaching. Chocolate brands are in stiff competition as they try to get shopper attention with their Easter Egg packaging designs. Shoppers storm supermarkets and outlets to pick up the fanciest design egg packagings from the shelf. Easter packaging schemes should be different from the other packaging designs especially for brands whose products are available throughout the year t... »


Top 7 Technology Trends in Healthcare Packaging

Top 7 Technology Trends in Healthcare Packaging

Much more is required of packaging for pharmaceuticals and medical devices these days. In 2016, healthcare packaging professionals managed several emerging regulatory requirements and market demands. We count down to the top healthcare packaging trends, as evident in seven of 2016’s most popular articles on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging issues.   1. Unique Device Identific... »


3 Key eCommerce Packaging Ideas Save Millions

3 Key eCommerce Packaging Ideas Save Millions

The idea is to find cost-effective methods for packaging that would impress your customers at the same time. Many online businesses don’t fully realize the importance of packaging in their overall business model, but the truth is that mistakes made in shipping packaging can cost millions of dollars. A lot of thought and consideration may go into the interior packaging, but e-commerce businesses of... »


QR Code Packaging for Mobile Marketing

QR Code Packaging for Mobile Marketing

Today’s consumer wants to be engaged, informed, and entertained by the brands with which they do business. Paperboard packaging has been able to facilitate these important marketing functions with its flat, printed surfaces that are well suited to deliver cutting-edge interactive product information, in-store sales, entertaining games, and more. The most ubiquitous of these technologies is the QR ... »


Report: Consumer demand for renewable packaging could be tipping point for adoption

Report: Consumer demand for renewable packaging could be tipping point for adoption

Dive Brief: Though more manufacturers and consumers are aware of the potential benefits and value of renewable packaging materials, four factors may still impact industrywide adoption: communication, complexity, cost and consumer demand, according to a new Tetra Pak report. Consumer awareness of resource scarcity remains relatively low. When consumers are educated, they are more willing to work to... »